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  • US$ 189.00



    THIS ITEM IS GREAT! First massage gun ever purchased and I have no regrets choosing this one. Compared to other popular products that are more expensive, the M30 has more torque capabilities which permits the user to apply more pressure to designated area. Also, 5 modes to accommodate user preference is a plus!
  • US$ 189.00


    Erica N. Vural

    I’ve never once written a review but I want to share that this device is the best massager I’ve ever used. You can apply very high pressure to any area and it doesn’t turn off or become weaker. It has a long battery life and Is completely comparable to the much more expensive Hyperice which, I’ve tried as well. I’m knot and tension free for the first time. I also tried the model that is similar to the TimTam but this one is superior. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to reach all the areas on my back if I didn’t have someone to help me but the design allows me to reach every area. I’ve personally recommended it to my mother and close friend who also suffer from consistent muscle tension and knots. No need to pay double for the original Hyperice model with this on the market.
  • US$ 189.00


    That girl

    I did a lot of research on this before I bought it! I’m really glad I bought this one! It’s not too loud, it’s very powerful, and I love it! It also wasn’t too expensive. The only thing you should watch out for is that you can overdo it with this thing.
  • US$ 189.00


    kyle harris

    It’s amazing and helps out after a long day
  • US$ 189.00



    Wow! I am thoroughly impressed with this machine. It helps with my tight muscles and soreness. My daughter fights me over using this lol
  • US$ 189.00



    Get ready, you are about to embark on massage that last as long as the battery. Not as good as going to a masseuse. However, this is about as good as it gets.
  • US$ 189.00



    works amazing!!! Parents love it.
  • US$ 189.00


    Jr Figueroa

    My first experience with a percussion gun was last year at physical therapy. I was sold on the idea after my first session! I felt I had to add this awesome tool to my inventory. My search began on the web. Price was a factor $179.99 (reasonable) and accessories (6-total) and yes some authentic reviews. I was able to find some helpful videos on youtube on the Muttus. I found a video of a chiropractor who uses the Muttus massage gun in her practice and her review really help me pull the trigger. I had pulled something in my shoulder and been dealing with the pain for about two weeks, shortly after I purchased the Muttus massager. Out of the box I put it to work on my shoulder. It has a very simple user friendly power on and same button to adjust speed five speeds. I immediately found ground zero in my shoulder ( Pain!! ) tight muscle. It hurt so good!! LOl!After about 3 days and 6 -10 min. sessions my tightness & pain had gone down about 50% and i was able to move my arm more freely up and down with minimal pain. After 10 days I am back to normal with no pain in my shoulder. The Muttus was charged twice in that time. I have to add that my wife also used it for her hip area and lower back. My wife also feels reduction in pain and continues to use the muttus just about every night. I love that it come with different attachments for different needs. I would highly recommend the Muttus massage gun to anyone in the market for a percussion gun to add their inventory.
  • US$ 49.00


    Shawanda McNeil

    It’s a great toothbrush! It has different levels for brushing and polishing your teethe. The only thing that I don’t like is that it does not come with a cover for the brush head and it does not have the port to charge it. Otherwise it is great!
  • US$ 189.00


    Edward C. Shaheen

    This is an excellent product that will relieve pain in your muscles. I would highly recommend this product. High quality construction. The plus with this product is the carrying case that fits all the attachments.
  • US$ 49.00


    Manifa S.

    To be really honest with you I was not satisfied with this toothbrush. First off it is really tiny. Second there are no real options. All the settings are exactly the same. There is absolutely not change in speed. That being said... it's way too soft of a toothbrush for me. I don't feel like my teeth have been cleaned after using it. I wish I had gone with a better brand. The only plus side to this is that it doesn't seem to run our of battery like EVER!
  • US$ 49.00


    Roddy Long

    Quality product
  • US$ 49.00



    I may be influenced by the fact that I’ve always used Oral B electric tooth brushes. However, I was under the impression this should be that level of quality. I could instantly feel the level of vibration was odd compared. It felt cheaper (for lack of better words). It also vibrates in such a strange way it made my nose itch and slung toothpaste everywhere while brushing (my oral b never did that unless it was left on when out of the mouth). Also, the toothbrush head kept hitting my other teeth no matter how careful I was. Again this could be my long use of the round oral b head but either way I tried it for a week and never got to where I was happy with it and returned it. Personally I don’t feel it compares to the level of an oral b.
  • US$ 49.00


    Spicy Mamma

    This is really a nice toothbrush, especially for the money. It’s very well made and pretty on my sink. My teeth feel super smooth and clean after I brush for 2 minutes with this brush. Very happy.It would probably be a better value if they sold replacement heads for this brush, but even if you consider the price you pay per brush head with the brush, the price of this can’t be beat.
  • US$ 49.00


    Dee Zimmerman

    This is my first sonic tooth brush and I love it. My teeth feel very clean and this worked well. I bought the pink one.
  • US$ 49.00



    This was perfect timing my wife has wanted one of these tooth brushes for a long time and then I saw this pink one. It works great and she loves it. Totally recommend this if you need one!
  • US$ 49.00


    V Burton

    Loved the color and stand. Day 1 the power button cover fell off. The toothbrush may power on only after the power button has been pushed several times. Other times, it will not power on. The toothbrush had a lot of power when it was new. After 30 days, it is very sluggish. Do not waste your money as I did.
  • US$ 49.00



    Its not what i expected
  • US$ 49.00



    Absolutely love this toothbrush. After I use it, I feel like the dentist just cleaned my teeth. I will never switch back to the old manual toothbrush again.
  • US$ 49.00


    Kat Hooper

    It's a little pricey, as the cost for electronic toothbrushes has gone way down as of late, but this is a great tooth brush with many different brushing modes and makes your teeth really clean. This is definitely up on the higher end, so it makes the price tag more reasonable, though.
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