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  • US$ 49.00



    I've been using it since I bought it. No complaint and very easy to use. It is very sweet to have 6 brush heads come with it. One full charge can last for more than a week, so no worry for a short trip.
  • US$ 49.00



     Once I opened my amazon box and saw the sealed white box of this premium electric toothbrush, I already felt that I purchased a good product. This toothbrush is very professionally packaged with everything neatly sealed, guaranteeing proper sanitation and safety. Upon turning on the toothbrush, it immediately showed how powerful it is, and I love how it isn't loud like the others. It has different modes you can choose from to fit your desired type of brushing. I was also surprised how it came with so much accessories which was awesome. I got the pink one, which kinda scared me at first, thinking it might look cheap but it turned out to be such a sophisticated pretty type of pink! Love everything about this and I highly recommend it!
  • US$ 49.00



     First of all, I am really impressed with the quality of this premium electric toothbrush from Muttus. I received the item earlier than expected. The packaging is very nice, simple and presentable (perfect for gift giving). I actually bought this to give to someone special in my life and her reaction was priceless! Upon opening the box, she was really happy especially when she saw the color of this premium electric toothbrush. The pink color really hits the mark!The carrying case was indeed very handy and very cute (It can fit the electric toothbrush and two toothbrush heads, one for extra). All items specified on the description box was complete (1-Electric Toothebrush, 1-plastic carrying case, 6pcs of brushheads, 1- toothbrush charger and 1- USB charging cable). My only concern is that the charging cable for the wireless charger, I think it is a little bit short, I think if they can make the cable a little bit longer it would be nice, nonetheless, the rest of the items included are perfect. The toothbrush heads have soft bristles, which I think that little kids can also use and enjoy this product.The sound of this premium electric toothbrush is less noisy than other electric toothbrush brands that I know. This product comes with 5 different modes; the1. CLEAN MODE 38000 Times / Min2. POLISH MODE 31000 Times / Min3. WHITE MODE 28000-38000 Times / Min4. SENSITIVE MODE 28000-38000 Times / Min5. MASSAGE MODE 28000-38000 Times / MinAll modes has a duration of 2 minutes. 30 seconds interval reminder in brushing the upper, lower, left and right, inner and outer sides of your teeth. The power of each mode can also be adjusted from Low, medium to high (by pressing the + and - sign button) depending on the motor's vibration speed as your preference. This is of course IPX7.One thing that I really like about this product, is that it automatically shuts off after the 2 minute time (which again, other brands dont have).My overall rating for this premium electric toothbrush from Muttus is 5 Star!! I am very happy and satisfied that I bought this wireless premium electric toothbrush from Muttus! I will definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to experience and try the power of electric toothbrush!
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