Best powerful massage gun collection 2021- At-home Percussive Therapy

Best powerful massage gun collection 2021- At-home Percussive Therapy (20%OFF with Muttus20)

Best Massage Gun 2021

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The massage gun also known as, percussion massage is a technology based fitness tools to release tight muscles whether you are an athlete or simply prone to sore muscles. If you can’t get to an appointment-or you want to relieve your own tension at home. That’s where massage guns came in. Unlike traditional at home options, like foam rollers, massage guns are helpful for targeting specific pain points and increasing blood flow. It could be hard to determine what is the best massage guns for you.

When you are buying a massage gun, you definitely think about your primary use. As a serious athlete, you gotta choose a high-end reathleting percussion massage gun for muscle recovery and performance. Reversely, if you just desire to simply get occasional relief from general soreness and stiffness, a home-therapy model might makes more sense to you. Anyway, pick a multifunctional massage gun with multiple speed settings and attachments. MUTTUS percussion massage guns drops to just 20% off when you apply promo code Muttus20 and then apply promo code at checkout on official site. 


Best Battery Life: Muttus M30 Percussive Massage Gun for Women and Fitness


Best massage gun 2021  

One of the most versatile options i this roundup, this Muttus M30 professional massage gun includes 6 female designed massage heads and offers 5 speed scientific settings calibrated from 1200 to 3200 strokes per minute, depending on how sore you muscles are. 

When you use a massage gun, noise is generated by the motor units, which is important to consider when plan to use the device on muscles closer to the ears.

Muttus M30 is one of the quietest massage guns featuring QuietGlide technology on the market. Its high torque brush-less motor keeps noise between 35 to 50 decibels. Even on the highest of its top speed, it’s quieter than the lowest setting of most other massage guns.

Its LG battery life would last 7 hours long on a single charge. At a 1.7 lbs weight, it just like holding a bottle of water. Plus, it comes with a convenient carrying case that you don’t have to worry about misplacing its various attachments.


Best High-Intensity: Muttus M40 Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Home & Gym Workout



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The Muttus M40 Pro is a favorite among many fitness trainers because it is easy to transport from location to location and use on a variety of clients for their unique needs.

It weighs 1.76 pounds and sports an ergonomic design that fits easily in the guy bag. It also concern with 8 different attachments and offers 4 different speed settings, making it versatile muscle recovery tool.

 Even better, it also features a unique, auto-heating vibration attachment, providing two more hot therapy elements of a traditional massage in one device. Its battery life would last 5 hours. It can perfectly help relieve your muscle soreness faster. (manufacturer says)


Best High-Tech: Muttus Ultra Percussion Massage Gun for Professional Athletes


If you are looking to upgrade your massage gun, check out the Muttus Ultra Plus. A ergonomic powerful version of the best overall pick, this sleek massage gun featuring QuietGlide™️technology, 8 soft massage attachment, 7 hours battery life, and a scientific optional speed range from 1200 to 3200 rpm to target muscles. Muttus Ultra Plus definitely satisfy all needs of professional athletes. Handling up to 90 pounds of force, it provides super powerful percussive therapy. 

The Muttus Ultra Massager is first, much quieter than the virally products. When I turned in on in a gym after workout, I did not feel I was annoying somebody. The triangle design allows me to hold in many ways to reach all muscle group.

QuietGlide technology makes it a athletic percussion massager without loudness. If you’re an athlete or serious exerciser, Muttus Ultra is definitely what you are looking for.

The percussion speed of Muttus Ultra Plus is surprisingly quiet- 55DB, quieter than most of relative models. I am not saying it’s silent, but you can easily recover your muscle soreness after workout at gym without being loud and annoying others. 


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