Best M30 Women's Portable Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Women and Fitness

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MUTTUS M30-Best Female Portable Percussion Muscle Massage Gun


The M30 portable percussion massage gun is the best deep tissue muscle massage gun for women and fitness with Unparalleled Treatment Depth.

Which is available with 5 optional speeds, 6 interchangeable Attachment, Up to 7 hours per charge, 12mm amplitudes, 200W Instant Power, 1200-3200 strokes per minute & 3400mAh genuine LG Batteries.


- Instant muscle relief by releasing lactic acid.
- Gentle muscle stretch and improve muscle responsiveness.
- Improve the range of motion quickly.
- Accelerate muscle recovery and stimulate muscle growth.
- Enhance flexibility by relaxing thickened connective tissue.


- Upgraded version for women and fitness in 2021.
- Genuine LG Batteries, 3400mAh, Up to 7 hours per charge.
- 5 Built-in speed settings Calibrated 1200~3200 PPM Range
- Patented QuietGlide™ Technology
- 12mm Amplitude for Reaching 60% Deeper Into Muscle Groups
- Brushless 75N TORQUE, 56W Motor with up to 60 lbs Force.
- US AI chip ensures more accuracy for your therapeutic sessions.
- Ultra-Portable for traveling and weighing only 1.76 lb.
- Carbon fiber + plastic outer case, shatter-resistant.
- Ergonomic and slim design. Easy for full-body massage.


- Speed Mode: 5 speeds, 1200-3200 percussions per minute.
- Battery: Genuine LG Battery Cells 3400mAh, up to 7 hours per charge.
- Amplitude: 12MM.
- Stall Force: Up to 60lbs.
- Attachment: 6 interchangeable heads. 
- Charging time: 2-3 Hours.
- Weight: 1.76lbs/0.8kg.

✔M30 10 In 1 PACKAGE LIST:

- 1* MUTTUS M30 Massage Device 
- 1* Carry Case 
- 6* Massage Attachments
- 1* Quick Power Adaptor
- 1* User Manual

✔Massage Attachments:

- Ball Head: For Large Muscle Groups: Quads, Glutes or Ext-ream Soreness
-Shape Head: For Neck, Spinal, Calves and etc.
- Flat Head: For General Applications, Relax Your Whole Body Muscles
- Bullet Head: Apply to Strike the Deep Tissue Joint Wrist and Ect.
-Semicircle Metal Head: Apply to Strike the Deep Tissue Joint and Wrist for Females
- Flat Metal Head: Relax Your Whole Body Muscles (Female & Skin Sensitive User

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