M30 Percussion Massager for Women and Fitness

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M30 Percussion Massager for Women and Fitness

  • ITALY PREMIUM DESIGNED: M30 percussion massager is Italy premium designed with super-light weight (800g only) & dense holes heat dissipation technology.
  • 3200 PERCUSSIONS/MINUTE: 3200 percussions/m, 200W instananeous power, upto 75N torque and with lower than 45DB noise make this muscle massage gun perfect.
  • 5 MODES 5 EXPERIENCES: 5 modes 5 working experiences are available for the new version of this handhelp deep tissue mussle massage gun for differ applications.
  • SAFETY AUTHORITY COMPONENTS: Power by safety authority batteries(LG Chip), 3400mA 48.24wh Capacity, USA MOS FET, Smart ICU AI Chip, 10 minutes & 60 seconds smart timer OFF.
  • PORTABLE & 11-IN-1 PACKING: The new percussion massager device is come with 11-in-1 packackge designs, which including 6 different heads and poratble carry bags and ect.

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