Muttus Ultra Professional Percussion Massager For Athletes

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Best 2021 Powerful Deep Tissue Percussion Massager for Athletes & Gym Workout

Meet the Massager Revolution. This is MUTTUS Ultra professional deep tissue percussion massager for athletes, Deeper, Powerful, and Still Quiet. Feel the difference with Muttus Ultra Percussive Therapy.


-Depth: Built-With 16mm Amplitude, reach 60% deeper into muscles than 12mm amplitude massage guns.


-Force: Muttus Ultra with 200w brushless motor deliver up to 80 lbs.


-Durable Battery Life: Durable Lithium Li-ion Rechargeable Battery. 


-Speed Adjustable: Customized with 5 scientifically representable speed calibrated from 1200~3200 percussions every minute.


-Pulse(Bpm)/Freq(hz):Level 1- 1200/22, Level 2- 2000/33, Level 3- 2400/39, Level 4- 2800/4. Leve5l 5- 3200/55



-Multi-functional Massage Attachments:
1. Specialized Soft massage head just like an actual thumb.
2. Wedge Head for shoulder blades
3. A thumb head for trigger points and lower back
4. Super massage head for unique vibration for sensitive skins
5. Bullet head for hip muscles.
6. Large dampener for thing muscles and large muscle groups.
7. Small dampener for head & neck massage.
8. Flat head overall for the whole body.






-Therapy Benefit: accelerates warmup and recovery; improves range of motion and flexibility; reduce muscle soreness and stiffness; enhances muscle performance


-Build-in Protection: Apparatus that will automatically stop when it’s running exceeds 10 minutes


AC Charger: 110-240V 50/60Hz




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