Using A Massage Gun or Percussive Massager After Exercising

Using A Massage Gun After Exercising

After an intense exercise, your muscles are likely to worn out due to tiredness. So, using a massage gun right after your workout can help you recover quickly. In addition, a massage gun is easier to use than a foam roller.

Remember that your muscles are already tensed, stressed, and inflamed. Whenever possible, follow the 2-minute rule for each muscle group. The last thing you want to do is to aggravate the pain or cause more damage. Basically, you want to use it adequately to wash out the lactic acid from the muscles.

You should drink plenty of water in addition to the massage gun. If you’re exercising and using a massage gun, it will increase your blood flow and overall blood circulation. When it comes to removing toxins and lactic acid from the blood, water is the main carrier. While science is not clear on the amount of water to drink, 2-3 liters a day is enough to prevent dehydration.


Which One Should You Choose Between Ice And Heat After A Massage?

If you use a massage gun, it will help you to free tensed muscles. In order to free those activation and stressed points, you will need a very deep muscle therapy which can make the muscles quite tender. Hence, stay away from the heat first. Blood is already flowing through your body and the muscles are on fire. So, there is no need to warm up your blood further. Alternatively, you can start with some form of cryotherapy.

It would be better for you to start using something like the Recoup Cyrosphere, just in case you are not ready for a cold shower yet. It is handy and hassle-free.