Save On MUTTUS Leafless Supersonic Hair Dryer!

M12X Leafless Supersonic Hair Dryer!

The MUTTUS M12X Mineral Supersonic, which is the fourth generation of the powerful Supersonic Hair Dryer from MUTTUS, overcame the technical obstacle, reduced noise, improved air volume and doubled mineral ions. Making a consumer hair dryer competing the professional hair dryer, easy styling, quieter, fast drying, and moisture balancing at the same time. Theses technological breakthrough make our hair dryer a best choice in this fast peace era.

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Innovated Technology

MUTTUS’s brushless motor and 4D amplifier together deliver a high-pressure, high-velocity jet of controlled air, for fast drying and precision styling. MUTTUS’s double mineral technology, balancing hair moisture, and making hair healthy and glossy. MUTTUS hair dryer has magnetic styling attachments, for easy fitting and rotation during styling. Heat shield technology keeps the surface of your styling attachments cool. The MUTTUS M12X satisfied everything you could possibly want in a hair dryer.

Styling Design

The MUTTUS M12X comes with 3 magnetic styling attachments for different hair types. Smoothing nozzle designed to dry your hair gently using smooth airflow. Styling concentrator designed to control styling one section at a time using fast and precise airflow. Diffuser designed to define curls and reduce frizz using diffused and even airflow.