M3O Quiet Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Female Fitness
M3O Quiet Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Female Fitness
Best Affordable Percussion Muscle Massage Gun 2020
Best Quiet & Portable Percussion Massage Gun 2020
Best Affordable Quiet Percussion Muscle Massage Gun 2020
Best M30 Women's Portable Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Women and Fitness

Best M30 Women's Portable Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Women and Fitness


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The M30 portable percussion massage gun is the best deep tissue muscle massage gun for women and fitness with Unparalleled Treatment Depth...

Muttus M30 is a premium design massage gun & percussive massager for women and female with 3400mAh genuine safety LG genuine batteries, which can last for over 7 hours per charge...

Upgraded version for women and fitness in 2021, instant muscle relief by releasing lactic acid, gentle muscle stretch and improve muscle responsiveness, improve the range of motion quickly...

Massage Gun for Women

The M30 percussion massage gun is the best deep tissue massage gun for women with Unparalleled Treatment Depth.

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Premium Design for Female

The M30 is the best deep tissue muscle massage gun for wome with Unparalleled Treatment Depth...

LG Battery

Build-in 3400mAh LG Battery

The muttus m30 is build-in with 3400mAh genuine LG batteries and last up to 7 hours per charge...


SuperQuiet with 40-60Bd Noise

Patented QuietGlide™ technology & 12mm amplitude for reaching 60% deeper into muscle groups...

Therapy & Recovery

The M30 is premium design for women, M40 Pro is for gym workout & Ultra is for proffessional and athletes

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M30 Massage Gun

M30 Massage Gun for Women

The best deep tissue muscle massage gun for women with Unparalleled Treatment.


M40 Pro for Home and Gym

The most balanced percussion massager fully connected with quiet & powerful massage.

massage gun muttus ultra

Ultra for Professional & Athletes

The best professional massage gun destined to create the speed & depth & force.

The Muttus™ M30

Up to 7 hours per charge, 12mm amplitudes, 200W Instant Power, 1200-3200 strokes per minute & 3400mAh genuine LG Batteries.

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Muttus M30™The massage gun is one of the best tools for getting the job done. Proven to offer everything from maximum athletic performance to extreme pain relief; an indispensable device for anyone who sports regularly. If you can practice this on your own and experiment with opportunities to train for months on end, you should consider using the massage gun.

Questions & Answers

The Muttus M30 portable percussion massager is the ideal massage gun for women and fitness. It is a female designed lightweight (1.76 Lbs = A Bottle of Water) massage gun including 5 build-in speeds & patented QuietGlide™technology.

Why Choosing Muttus

As a lifestyle improving brand, MUTTUS is dedicated to  bringing our best service and high-quality enjoying to our customers and partners.

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Free Shipping

Worldwide Free Shipping

As a lifestyle expert supplier, we offer world wide free express shipping for all order of massage guns & recovery tools...

30 Days Money Back

Build-in 3400mAh LG Battery

To present all customers greater shopping experience, we offer a 30-days refund & return policy for all our customers....

365 Days Warranty

SuperQuiet with 40-60Bd Noise

All massage guns, percussion massagers & recovery tools orders are cover with 365 days of warranty guarrantee...

Reviews & Compared with Hypervolt by Dr. Lianna Morrow.

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Best Massage Gun Under  US$200.00

The Muttus M30 is the best massage gun on market with price under US$200.00, which is much more low than the hypervolt...

Overall Best Massage Gun for Women

Muttus M30 is a overall best massage gun for women & female, premium italy design, super-light weight & super quiet...

Perfect Massage Gun with LG Battery

The Muttus M30 is impressived by 3400mAh LG battery, super light weight design, and build-in smart timer off massage gun...

What did they say ?

Morrow D. 

YoutTube Influencer

*BEST* Massage Gun For Under $200! No BS this is a great massage gun for a great price! If you deal with sore muscles, muscle tension, or just looking to recover faster, this massage gun will get the job done!

Henry A. 

Youtube Unbox & Reviewer

I did a lot of research on this before I bought it! I’m really glad I bought this one! It’s not too loud, it’s very powerful, and I love it! It also wasn’t too expensive. The only thing you should watch out for is that you can overdo it with this thing.

Lucas D.

An Unite State Buyer

Muttus M30 is a great percussive massage gun device for the price. You can apply very high pressure to any area and it doesn’t turn off or become weaker. It has a long battery life and Is completely comparable to the much more expensive Hyperice which, I’ve tried as well. I’m knot and tension free for the first time.

Paul H. 

An Unite State Buyer

 Its worth every penny! works amazing!!! My first experience with a percussion gun was last year at physical therapy. I was sold on the idea after my first session! I felt I had to add this awesome tool to my inventory.

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